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With over four decades of experience, our skilled roofing contractors serve both commercial and residential properties in Dallas, TX. We are well-versed in the specific challenges and requirements of this area, from weather conditions to local building codes.

Rely on our top-notch Dallas, TX roofing services to deliver the solutions you need in this dynamic city.

Our roof was hit by the tornado that hit highlands ranch. Our insurance was being difficult but Crone Roofing took over the process and made it easy on us. Basically our insurance deductible had been changed to a % without us knowing and we were in a really difficult position. They really helped us with the repairs, they are honest and do what they say.

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Our Dallas TX Roofing Services

Residential Roofing Solutions

Transform your Dallas home with our expert residential roofing solutions. From minor repairs to full installations, we provide durable and attractive roofs that can withstand the diverse weather conditions of Texas, enhancing both protection and aesthetic appeal.

Commercial Roofing Expertise

Businesses in Dallas count on our specialized commercial roofing services. We offer customized solutions that emphasize longevity and energy efficiency, ensuring your commercial property is protected from the region’s harsh elements.

Roof Insurance Assistance

Dealing with roof insurance claims can be daunting. Our experienced team simplifies the process for you, handling everything from initial assessment to final restoration, ensuring you receive maximum benefits with minimal stress.

Urgent Roof Repairs

In case of emergencies, our Dallas urgent roof repair services are your immediate solution. Available around the clock, our dedicated team quickly addresses severe issues, safeguarding your property from unexpected damage.

Gutter Services

Efficient water management is essential for the longevity of your property. Our gutter services in Dallas ensure proper drainage, preventing potential problems and protecting your home or business from water-related damage.

Why Choose Us As Your Dallas TX Roofing Contractors?

Unmatched Roofing Experience

Crone Roofing boasts over 40 years of roofing expertise, ensuring every project in Dallas is executed with exceptional precision and professionalism.

Sustainable Roofing Solutions

Dedicated to eco-friendliness, we offer sustainable roofing options that minimize environmental impact while upholding our high standards of excellence.

Wide Range of Roofing Services

From commercial properties to residential homes, Crone Roofing provides a comprehensive array of roofing services. We ensure long-lasting quality and reliability in every project.

Expertise in Local Conditions

We are well-versed in Dallas's unique weather challenges, from scorching heat to severe storms. Our local expertise guarantees roofing solutions specifically designed to withstand these conditions.

Focused on Customer Satisfaction

Our customer-focused approach ensures that every client's needs and expectations in Dallas are thoroughly addressed. We tailor our services to meet individual requirements, ensuring complete satisfaction.

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